What is the best camping gear to get for my next trip?  This is a question that many people ask when searching for camping gear near me to purchase.  When doing their research online they will come across a lot of different manufacturers, brand names and dealers offering the best of the best when it comes to these supplies.  However, until you walk into a company like Beaver Sports and talk to a salesman, touch the items yourself and get a feel for their quality, you will simply be guessing.


First of all, look at the weight of the items you are looking to purchase.  When you go camping you may find yourself carrying a lot of supplies.  If you plan on hiking for several miles then you will want to have the lightest possible equipment.  You don’t want to have a sore back or aching muscles at the start or end of your trip.


The material you use will also say a lot for your supplies.  If you are working with a high-end material that will stand the test of time or are you using items that are one use or will just be used for a summer and then discarded.  The material that you use will determine the price and other aspects of your purchase.  Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it is good.

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The size of the items will be important as well.  If they are large and bulky, will it be difficult to carry around?  If it too small, will you be able to take everything that you need?  The size of your supplies will determine what they can do and what you can do with them. 

Plan ahead

It is always a good idea to plan ahead.  Take a few weeks or months to plan your trip.  Once you have everything planned and ready to go, take a moment to ensure you have a checklist that has everything laid out from beginning to end.  You don’t want to forget anything along the way.